Genre of the Week Revival

13 Jan

First, I would like to acknowledge that “Genre of the Week” is not entirely accurate at this point, considering how long ago I posted about Steam-punk, and the fact that the proposed next GotW, “Space Opera” never appeared. It’s more like “Genre of the Three Months”. 🙂 But I’m going to try again, and circumstances permitting, I’d like to get these posts up and written more regularly, and to add a small feature of actually posting more than one post about each genre a week. So that, you know, it’s actually the Genre of the Week, and not a third variation called “Genre of a Random Day which Happens to be in this Particular Week”.

Now, this is already Tuesday night, so it’s a late start. But I will in fact introduce a new genre this week: Urban Fantasy(UF), and there will be one or more supplementary posts looking at more specific aspects of the genre. In particular, I have already written one describing one of the possible breakdowns of the UF genre, Type-P UF vs. Type-D UF. You’ll learn what those two terms mean when the post goes up sometime after Wednesday. Until then, you’ll have to make do with my Introductory Post on UF which will hopefully go up sometime tonight. Hope you enjoy it.

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