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You can contact me directly here: ureniatsiko [at] yahoo [dot] com.  That is my personal address.  I like to hear from people.  Don’t hesitate to contact me if you think you have something I would like to know, or if there is something you would like to know.  But don’t abuse this privilege.  I am a busy person, and while I am happy to respond to legitimate requests, I don’t appreciate spam or anything of that sort.  I will not post a link to your site unless I decide to do so of my own free will, no promises, and this address is not for requesting such a favor.  I am trusting you as a reader to use this privilege responsibly.  Don’t disappoint me.

Contact info:

Facebook: Atsiko Ureni

Twitter:  Atsiko Ureni

Follow me for updates and random emphemera.

Now on Goodreads, for all the good it does.  (Not much?)


One response to “Contact Me

  1. Lesley Pearce

    August 1, 2017 at 6:51 AM

    I’ve just stumbled across your blog, and shall be revisiting to see more of it. Keep blogging, and remember that people who lack the attention to read what are, essentially, short essays are not your audience. The net is growing all the time, and as it gets bigger it’s harder to find things, but some of us are still looking for the pearls. Thank you for the time and effort to share your ideas.


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