Some Notes on Stats and Search Terms

03 Mar

Ever since some poor soul linked to me on tumblr, I’ve been getting traffic to one of the posts on the Chimney that is honestly not my favorite, not related to my genre, and I think it kinda just sucked a little bit.

Here’s the top five posts over the life of the blog:

1. How to Create a Believable Magic System

2. Common Magic System Pros and Cons: Elemental Magic

3. Magical No-Nos

4. Rules for Being a Bitch

5. Meeting Your Goals for Magic

I bet you can’t guess which post I’m referring to…

And it has almost twice as many views as the post just beneath it.  Tumblr, why you do me like this?

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the traffic.  And shit, I got linked to in a list of resources with posts from Janice Hardy.  I mean, holy crap she is awesome, you should go check her out if you haven’t before.  Like, how could that post put me on the same level as a published author?

The vagaries of the internet, I guess.  Apparently several different writing blogs on tumblr stumbled across it at the same time and found something they liked.

I just… I wish I could predict these things, and then maybe my traffic could compare to Janice hardy et all as well.

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