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Revised Comments Policy–Please Read and Complay. kkthanksbi

I’ve revised the comments policy.  No big changes, mostly to incorporate some elaboration on inline links.  Please read and comply.  Thank you.

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Hello world!

Hey, all.  This is Atsiko typing.  I’ve just started this blank little blog here, and while I haven’t got anything up yet, I will in the future, so stop on by and check out the Chimney periodically.  I will do my best to entertain and/or inform you.  I expect I will be “informed” occassionally as well, and I probably deserve it.  🙂  Don’t hesitate.  Makes you look weak.  Don’t want nobody pouncing on you, now.

I’m pretty laid back, so whatever…  There will be concrete rules up eventually, if and when I feel the blog has sufficient activity.  Until then, what I say goes–even if you never heard me say it.  I’m sure you’re all well versed in the basics of internet etiquette.  Or am I allowed to say netiquette, anymore?  Either way, you know how things go.  Try to keep them going that way.  Or esle.  Savvy?  Groovy.

Now that I’ve exhausted my quota of cute cliches, I am off to consume some Claymore…. one of my favorite manga ever.  What, you like manga, too?  We will get along well.  If you don’t like it, we will still get along well, but it will be one less interesting topic to talk about.  And that makes me sad.  Japanese culture is cool.  Even Pat agrees with me.  And Pat is realy cool (as far as I can tell from his blog.  Never met that man personally, sorry), so you know anything he thinks is cool is really cool, and I mean that, really.  Check out his post on Makoto Shinkai’s “5 centimeters per second” by clicking on his name.

Anyway, y’all have a nice day (night, whatever). Ciao.


P.S.  Is it bad form to link to blogspot blogs?  No idea.  Oh, well.


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