Tumblr and the Change in Blog Traffic

26 Dec

Here’s the list of referrers to my blog for the past 90 days:


What I want to highlight is how, outside of search engines, various forms of tumblr make up the majority of my traffic these days.  If you go back further, to my traffic in the last year, tumblr vastly out-refers anything but search engines, and the Google search engine specifically.  (Tumblr stomps bing and others.)  And if I were to paste in an image of my traffic from the lifetime of the blog, you would notice that tumblr peaked out over the past year.  Go back further and it barely brought me any traffic.


I suspect, from having looked at the content of those backlinks, that many other small to medium  blogs have experienced a similar shift over the past year, although if anyone has stats that say otherwise, I’d love to see them.  I used to get most of my referrals from writing forums and other blogs (and google, eventually), but now those make up a significant, but still lesser proportion.  I suspect that represents a shift in the way people are surfing the web, and I often wonder whether, as a traditional blogger, I’m already obsolete and just haven’t noticed yet…

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