Raging Reader Round-up Part 2 (07/29/11)

03 Aug

17.  What You Can Learn from the Submissions Process

18.  You Can Get Back in the Game

19.  Cons, Panels, and Big Names vs. You

20.  How Not To Prop an Agent

21.  What Readers Want/What Blog Readers WantReaching A Broader Blog AudienceWhy Writing Blogs Don’t Help Writers, or do they?

22.  I don’t know if pets are people, too; but we can certainly learn people-related lessons from them.

23.  People-watching ans Story Inspiration

24.  More on Self-publishing.  And more.

25.  More on the Digital Transformation

26.  How To Handle a Critique

27.  Writers are Hypochondriacs

28.  Conlangs are one of my favorite topics.  For a long time, I’ve considered building a language on the blog, posting once a week.  Unfortunately, the incredibly awesome Chris Doty over on the Clarion Foundation blog beat me to it.

29.  Jim Butcher on Writing over at Clarion Foundation

32.  Selling Books is Not a Bonus

33.  I have a book problem.  Thankfully, I am not alone.

34.  Social media has become a powerful force.  Even anonymous social media.  Like FML.  Or LikeALittle, which allows users to flirt anonymously.  Own your flirts, people.  Or better yet, just walk up to him and say something!

35.  Maintaining Tension Makes Better Books

36.  Contemporary Fiction is Not Boring

37.  How To Keep Your Short Stories Short by Lydia Sharp

38.  Unfinished Manuscripts Can Be Avoided

39.  Plotting, Pansting, and Writing Rituals

40.  Fast Writing and Writing Software

41.  What Do Yoour Books Say About You?

42.  More on Branding

43.  I’ve resisted using writing software for so long.  I’ve tried a few programs, and they always seemed more stifling than supportive.  But I keep hearing authors singing the praises of Scrivener.  I might have to give it a shot.

44.  More Agents As Publishers  Something I’m still on the fence about, assuming there are safeguards involved.

45.  Murphy’s Law of Agenting

46.  Anecdotes aren’t evidence, and reviews aren’t sales.

47.  Genres are descriptions.

48.  Emotional Truth in Fiction

49.  Giving Your Reader a Happy Ending

50.  Five Ways to Improve Your Writing with Janice Hardy

51.  How To Keep Up Online.  Ironically, it mentions the value of round-up posts. 😉

52.  Choosing Narrative Distance

53.  What Juliette Wade Looks For in Critique Partners

54.  Making Your Characters Cry Is Not Enough

55.  Start With A World or Start With A Story?

56.  Levels of Revision

Whenever I’ve read blogging round-ups in the past, they’ve always been relatively short.  Maybe 15 or 20 links at the most.  When I look at my two round-up posts, 32 and 56 links respectively, I can’t understand why there’s such a difference.  I’ve mentioned before that I read a lot of posts a week.  Usually 200 or more.  That’s from about 30 or 40 blogs.  Which means about 4-5 posts a week on average.  In fact, you’ll notice if you go to all the links that I’ve linked to several blogs multiple times.  Because I have a bit of layman’s OCD, I read every single one of these posts.  I also do it because each of these blogs offers me something I can’t get from any of the other blogs I read.

And there are many more blogs out there that I don’t read.  But I assume many of them are blogs that could provide their own value to me.  I don’t think anyone will disagree that there’s a glut of blogs out there.  There are probably more blogs that could provide value to a person than they could keep up with reading 24/7.    But are bloggers overloading their blogs with content?  Many blog readers are loyal, meaning they read posts even if they don’t end up giving value.  Does this do a disservice to blog readers?  Could cutting down on the posts actually increase page views by giving readers more time to read a variety of blogs?  And finally, should a blogger be selfish and do whatever they can to increase their own pageviews, or is there a benefit to directiing some of that traffic somewhere else?


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2 responses to “Raging Reader Round-up Part 2 (07/29/11)

  1. Arlee Bird

    August 3, 2011 at 1:11 AM

    oh my god! This is madness! I can’t keep up!

    There is some great stuff here though.

    Tossing It Out

    • atsiko

      August 3, 2011 at 2:11 AM

      Yeah, I can’t keep up, either. Thus the two posts 3 days late, and the questions at the end. And every time I do this, I find a ton of new blogs to follow. XD

      It’s actually a good thing right now, though, because it’s keeping my mind off certain other stuff. 🙂


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