Raging Reader Round-up Part 1 (07/29/11)

02 Aug

I’m late, I know it!  But stuff was going down IRL.  Like arm issues that are still making large amounts of typing a bit painful.  So, here’s my belated round-up for last week:

1.  Not sure they put enough sugar in this lemonade.

2.  Still not sure about this whole agent as publisher thing, but at least the Knight Agency seems to have some safeguards in place.

3.  Fear is the mindkiller.

4.  Prologues, Again

5.  How to Break into Reading Fantasy

6.  Everything you have ever read in an “edgy” YA book is just the tip of the iceberg.

7.  Being a published poet is hard.

8.  Follow the rules.  Writing is work.  You wouldn’t ignore the rules to apply for a scholarship or a research grant, why should queries be any different?

9.  How to Build a Villain by Jim Butcher

10.  Writing speed matters.  Writing is like a raffle.  The more entries you have in the hat, the better chance you’ll win the prize–in this case a fan of your work rather than a one-time reader.  And here’s how you can max out your wordcount.

11.  You Can’t Always Be the Star.

12.  A In this day and age, writers are often told they need a website, a blog, a twitter, a facebook, anything to connect to fans and find new readers.  But a lot of people aren’t seeing this for what it really is.  As an author, you are a product line, and like any product, you need to establish your brand.  If you start out writing Paranormal Romances, and seven books in you throw in a near-future syberpunk novel, it’s going to confuse your reader base.  Everything you do contributes to your brand, so make sure you keep on top of how it will affect your career.

13.  Nobody knows the numbers you need.

14.  Reading this article makes me realize I am screwed.  I love to write about future generations on the same world.  Damn.

15.  Notes on Writing

16.  Have You Met Your Blogging Goals?

There are only seventeen links here.  Why?  Because 211 posts to read through this week, with these sixteen being culled from the first 100.  Part 2 will be up tomorrow, likely with 16 more links from the second hundred posts.  There’s a reason for the ragin’.


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2 responses to “Raging Reader Round-up Part 1 (07/29/11)

  1. Arlee Bird

    August 2, 2011 at 9:08 AM

    More good links. And as though I don’t have enough to read already!

    Tossing It Out

    • atsiko

      August 2, 2011 at 5:04 PM

      If you have time to spend writing, I’m not doing a good enough job with the blog. 😉


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