It’s Good To Know We’re Still Appreciated.

01 Dec

I don’t do these sorts of posts often, but I will now.  As an aspiring writer in the spec fic genre, I like to keep an eye out for oppurtunites, and the other one on our collective reputation.  So, to the point:

According to this little publisher, we’re worth about $.002 a word.  At a rate of 1000 words an hour, and not including revision and editing, our time appears to be worth $2.00 and hour.  It’s good to know that the fast food employees aren’t at the bottom of the totem pole.  I’m sure Mr. Scalzi has done a much better job of expressing the insult uttered so casually here.

Of course, maybe I shouldn’t talk.  I work as an editor for a non-paying e-zine market.  At least BMP is paying something, here.  But then, the e-zine I work for is a free one.  No cost to download and read and the staff puts up all necessary time and money ourselves.  BMP sells their mags for $9.95 on CreateSpace.  And their rejection rate is much higher as well.  Anyway, I’m sure you’re all capable of making your own decision.

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