I Have a Twin!

05 Oct

I’ve  just discovered (through the wonder that is google search terms) that I have a virtual twin.

Now, in a rare moment of personal revelation, I will tell you that I’ve always known I had a twin–an indentical one in fact.

But this twin we are speaking of now is of a very different sort.  He is not related to me in any way, and I have never encountered him before.  But, as they like to say, great minds think alike.  This twin runs a blog on livejournal that has been going for a few years, and is way more popular than mine… which has only been going for a few days.  The amazing thing about this twin, is that he runs a series of “… of the Week” posts similar to mine.  It is a series on subgenres, though the intent is very different.  He even started it off with a post about Steampunk.  If I didn’t know  better, I’d imagine he pulled an H.G. Wells and time-travelled into the future to snag my brilliant idea.  Here’s a link to the post:

It’s a small, small world, people.

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Posted by on October 5, 2009 in atsiko, Genre of the Week


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